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Demetrios Katis
Award Winning Composer, Film Director, Writer, Journalist


Demetrios (Dimitrios) Katis; is a European composer, and US permanent resident. He is an established EMI Platinum Disc Recording/performing artist, and multi - Award winning composer and producer specialized in composing Epic Rich Orchestral music / Big Dramatic Symphonic / Electronic instrumental, plus, medieval, operatic, symphonic rock, and world music / ethnic.

He has composed, arranged, produced, and performed music, for major record labels (EMI, Polygram, Virgin Classics, music Publishers in the US, Canada & Europe (Boosey & Hawkes, Abaco, and many others worldwide). Demetrios has written music for Symphonic Orchestras (Kiev), TV, Radios, theatricals (Ancient Greek Tragedy), various Projects for Universities, Municipalities, Ministries, and Cultural Centers. He has worked as a composer on Planetariums (Athens Planetarium of ‘Euginides Foundation’) educational films.


Demetrios Katis has offered his highly specialized professional services as Artistic Director, Music Consultant, Cultural Director / consultant, Arts Education Program Manager, Event Director, Executive Director, Production Coordinator, 27 years of professional experience in live performance production, to major Foundations & Institutes (A.V.Botsis International Institution of Promotion of Journalism, City Halls), and in general, in the field of arts music & media. He has toured all across US and Europe presenting entertaining and educational music shows & theatricals.  Greece’s Educational Ministry has commissioned his work as required study at the national high school curriculum level. His music show “300 Spartans Symphonic rock opera” has been under the auspices of 2 major ministries of Greek Republic, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry Social Security and Employment.


For his musical work and contribution to music, culture & education he has been multi-awarded by various prestigious institutes and various organizations in Europe and US as well (Los Angeles Music Awards, Billboard wsc, Hollywood Music Awards, Hollywood F.A.M.E Award, AHEPA, Euro-American Women’s council, etc. He was honored and awarded by City Municipalities and Mayors (i.e. Golden Key to town of Portland, ME), and the Academy of Athens, for his contribution in promoting the Western spirit and culture worldwide.


Demetrios was awarded by the US Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Daniel V. Speckhard for his musical & theatrical production the 300 Spartans, and toured all across the United States in the past, presenting theatrical and musical plays. He’s a professional in the music/art industry for 30 years with tremendous experience in his field of expertise. He’s also a professional art / cultural columnist for more than 25 years, a member of the International Federation of Journalists. He has been the co-founder and president of the Kat4 post production studios in Athens, Europe for over 15 years.

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